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November 08, 2006



I woke up literally grinning this morning. What a great day to be an American! And how proud I am to be a native Pennsylvanian Democrat.. what a blue wave!
Now the hard work starts.. fixing our country - mending fences - making friends again with the rest of the planet. Cheers!


It's true. It really is amazing.


Utah's national races held no surprizes (and we're not surprized);-) But, the local races went our way....one bad judge gone and the golfin' sheriff is out on his ass. It's a good day in the neighborhood.


I must say, the only bump in my road yesterday was that the polling place had run out of "I voted" stickers by the time I got there. I dreamt about rollergirls turning into voting machines last night. Seriously. Touch screens with wheels and tattoos, bumping into eachother.


It's a happy day here in blue land. ;-)


I never vote for those judges, I wouldn't even know where to begin. I once had a friend vote to keep all the woman and just didn't vote for the men. I guess you have to have a strategy.

Woohoo for voters!! Every vote really did count this year.


You know, it really IS miraculous. When you see emerging democracies and the turbulence they go thru to practice something we all mostly take for granted? Wow. But I also remember hearing from my grandmother the time she was, as a woman, first legally allowed to vote, and I can feel her there with me every time I enter a booth to cast my ballot.
What a heritage we have...


Go Blue! I took my BF, my SIL and myself to vote. Powerful women! I had CNN on all night! What a beautiful day here in IL, and all over!


It is a great day! I of course voted!


I voted. Interestingly enough, a poll in Madison, WI had a bomb threat called in. So, they moved everyone (and the equipment) outside. Can't stop the vote!

In our county, 65% of the registered voters voted. That's better than the last presidential election which only saw 50% turnout!!!


Amen sister. Well said. I have voted in every election since I turned 18 (and I'm proud to say that that's since 1978), including yesterday. And I truly appreciate the opportunity to do it!


They still are counting ballots for our Congresswoman and it's making me nuts.


Hey yeah, it has been oddly quiet. I wonder how the next elections will go. Will they finally get the drift that the phone calls don't work? Has anybody actually listened through a complete recorded message?

Pat K

We do so seldom think about reality like this. But then, we also take a lot for granted. It's good to pause sometimes and remember that we have so much to be grateful for in this country.


I couldn't remember which blog I had clicked on that asked who voted. I DID! Throw me in!

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