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November 30, 2006



My BIL is stuck in St. Louis today...now I see why. Stay warm...it's dang cold here.
Looks like you had a lovely T-day. Do I remember the days of the kid-table?! YES. The sweater is just too, too cute. Nice work Annie!

Pat K

Looks like a good, standard wonderful Thanksgiving. And the knits look so good too. I saw that you're getting some white weather, have fun!!


You HAVE been busy! I love the little aran sweater!

Mary Beth

Hey stranger! Looks like good food and great knitting to me! I love that little baby sweater! I have yet to be so adventursome! Socks was a big deal remember? LOL


mmmm...homemade rolls.

Oh, and I'm totally in love with that baby sweater. You wouldn't happen to want to share the stat would you? I'd sure love to know!


I love marsupial pockets on sweaters/sweatshirts. And the sweater itself looks great. Too bad it won't fit me ;o)


Love the sweater and the mittens are wonderful! Watch out for that weather system!


Your work is beautiful and/or yummy. Stay warm! I hate winter.


Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! The babby sweater is really cute and so is the felted bag. Your mittens came out beautiful too. Love them in the STR yarn!


Great sweater! And it looks as though (headcolds aside) you had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Let me know how that backpack does at the auction. Perhaps that will be my contribution to my kids' school auction later this year.


Hope you stay warm - I'm already done with winter - driving 35 miles one way on packed snow has done it for me - unfortunately it's only just begun!
Your Thanksgiving kitchen looks just like mine! What fun we all had! We did away with the kids table long ago - I think they miss it - they can't laugh at us anymore!!

Kat with a K

Looks like a great Thanksgiving, and great finished projects there!


You've been quite the busy lady!
Take care!

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