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November 06, 2006



I'm so sorry that you aren't liking the yarn. If it helps, I find that it does bloom nicely. Unfortunately this is one of those trade-offs. This yarn is spun extra tight to give it more durability for socks. Of course, this takes away some of the sproing. I made a pair on my sock machine and had the husband try them on before and after washing, and he was quite surprised by the difference. I know none of this helps if you don't have the same experience.
I will take your feedback in to account and try washing and drying in the skein before I send it out in the future.
Socks That Fit!


Hey, were you one that e-mailed me about Socktoberfest yarn? I'm trying to track everyone down who has asked me for some...

Pat K

The colors are really lovely. Such a bright burst of what makes me think of springtime. You'll be all set when winter ends and you've got those Easter socks in hand (or on foot).


The pattern I recommended was the "Babies and Bears" sweater from Cottage Creations. Very similar to EZ's Baby Surprise ("similar" as in "close, but not the same").

Congratulations on the new nephew!


The little jacket is gorgeous. Thank heaven for knitting, and for babies to knit for.

(Back when I was being urged to move by all of my coworkers, some of them very upscale, someone remarked that my officemate Terri hadn't ventured an opinion. "Well," Terri said, "I think if Lucia wants to leave her nice friendly working-class neighborhood and move into some yuppie palace it's no business of mine.")


The baby jacket is adorable - I love the colors.


Yeah, you're right--these kind of city stories are the kind we roll our eyes and laugh at, at least a little bit. Like the naked prostitute story on my new neighbors' porch 5 years ago. All you can do is laugh, in the end.

I'm impressed with the baby sweater--the leap of faith based on the wavy directions you showed me. It's turning out really cute.


HAHAHA you got busted!! *grin I'm crackin up about that. At least the yarn is GORGEOUS! Totally makes up for any sproingy issues. Love, love, love the jacket/sweater. Great colors!!!


Forget the strange chick and go kiss the new baby. :o)


I don't think you should apologize for saying what you thought about a yarn you purchased. If you thought it felt like string, then you did. If you'd washed it and it fluffed, you would have said so. I'd prefer to read honest reviews of products on knitting blogs then the sunshine/clouds/fairies/everything is beautiful stuff that some people write. But I know what you mean about being caught with your snarky mask on. :)


Love the baby sweater! I hope the yarn fluffs up a bit after washing it's such a pretty color.

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