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November 08, 2006


Pat K

You have such a beautiful yard, and the trees! They look so pretty in their Halloween colors! Your neighborhood is lovely, I've always loved old houses. They are the ones that really have character. I like this "Walk with me Wednesday" idea, what a nice way to see how the seasons change.


What a pretty neighborhood you live in. Thanks for showing all those photos.


Hey, I voted! With Young'un in tow! (He shouted and hid behind me when one of Deval Patrick (Dem candidate for governor, now GOVERNOR-ELECT)'s supporters tried to say "hi". (I told him that was not the candidate from which he should run screaming.)

And this morning I woke up to the news that the Democrats now control both Houses. The sun may not be shining here, but it's a glorious day.

Lucinda (That other Cindy)

It was a glorious Wednesday here in St. Louis, wasn't it?

Great pictures!


Ann, I love neighborhoods like that. The are typical to the midwest, turn of the century through the 20's I've dreamed of living in one for a short while. Seems like the best of city living to me. Thanks for the walk. Beautiful!


Thank you for the nieghborhood tour. Old homes are always so intereting with unique detail. We have a similar street in downtown SLC and the homes are beautiful and interesting but without the detail you show.


Those are some glorious pix, and it's a glorious day here under the lowering clouds.

Um... can we see the front of the dog?


What a beautiful neighborhood! Thank you for sharing


What beautiful homes!!! How nice for you to be able to walk in such a lovely neighborhood!

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