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November 02, 2006



That would have scared the crap out of me!


Wow! what a wake up call. I bet you didn't get back to sleep at all did you? I live in such a quiet neighbourhood that is someone so much as walked past the house the dog barks at them because he isn't used to seeing anyone but the postman :-)


Yikes. She was either a scam artist with extremely bad timing or mentally ill. Either way it's good you called the cops; the data point will help them next time.


Wow, that's some story. And I'll bet your husband slept through the whole thing.


What a way to ruin a good night's sleep! I've had that scam tried out on my twice. Once in a parking structure in Oakland (a little scary as I knew it was a scam and kept thinking my mom and I were going to get jumped), and once in a parking lot outside of a shopping mall (also scary as I had my children with me). Glad you were able to scare her off.


I'm so impressed that you went to investigate all by yourself. I'd have made hubby get up!


I'm with Carole! My hubby would so have slept through it all. You did the right thing. Be safe!


Good doggy!


Very good doggie - give him another treat!


Good doggy indeed! (And I thought those crime statistics sounded a little screwy! St. Louis is very safe! Mostly.)


Our dog does the same thing. When hubby is out of town, she sleeps with me. One (early, early) morning she went all nuts. The person was walking around our house and then rang the doorbell at half past sunrise on a Sunday morning. Turned out to be a summons server who was serving the WRONG HOUSE! Good doggie. Her favorite treat....ice cubes!

Pat K

Scary, scary, scary. But you handled it correctly. Glad to know that it all ended well. And give the dog another treat, she certainly deserves it.


My heart is pounding. Give your dog a treat from me, ok? Good doggie. And a kiss through blogland that you're safe, xx.


Glad nothing else happened. Yeah Sopie!

Lucinda (That other Cindy)

Sheesh! Hurrah for good doggies! & quick thinking on your part. I'm glad the police responded as quickly as they did.

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