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November 02, 2006



Scary! My sister-in-law lives in a house that backs up to your neighborhood and she's been having problems lately, too. Never had a problem until recently. It's like that study gave the criminals carte blanche to be themselves. I'm glad you're okay.


WoW! My heart is racing just from hearing that story! I probably would have been an idiot and opened the door for her- you are so smart!


Eeek! I would have woken the hubby up and made him deal wth all of the comotion....

What a good pup you have!


Yeah for great "guard doggies"! I have two and they actually kepts a skunk at bay this week. And I'm totally with you on the "most dangerous city" ranking. We found out the other day that it's usually sent out in Dec. and the company is based in KS. Sounds like someone was a little bitter about the Cards winning the series, as it was released that Monday. It's not like they win every year...geesh, it's been 24 years already...

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