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December 21, 2006



I've seen lots of Fetchings being knit up around my part of the world, too. The Knit From Your Stash controversy is interesting - maybe if those yarn shop owners weren't such enablers to begin with, we wouldn't have this problem, no?


I think it really shows the power that bloggers have when the yarn shop owners get nervous.
I haven't tried STR but it is very pretty. The sock blocks you got are great!!


Just before I read your post I was reading Margene's and she has a link to The Loopy Ewe which I had never noticed before. Then I come over here and you're talking about it. Very weird, eh?
I missed the controversy about Wendy's stash thingy. But last year when I did the "buy more yarn" thing I got some crap from people about it. Silly stuff but annoying as hell.


Yeah, said commenter also posted a seriously nasty entry to her blog about how I am out of my mind to be encouraging people not to buy yarn, et cetera. I removed the link to her blog from her comment on my blog when people started going over there to flame her.

I sent her a thoughtful response to her comment, saying that I wasn't encouraging people to stop buying yarn -- I simply stated my intention to attempt to knit from my stash for a while and said that anyone else who wanted to was welcome to do so. Judging from the number of comments about it I got, a heckuva lot of people were also thinking about it. And further, the concept of yarn diets has been around for a while.

Her response to this email? I quote:

"I hear Ya...and If my bank acct didnt (sic) depend on yarn sales, I'd be right there with you, my stash is so Sick!"



I'm feeling the same way about the STR club, although I still haven't received my last package yet, so I guess I'm just bitter. That is a pretty good assessment of the colors on the bonus skein.

I was also wondering about how LYS owners and other people who have small web-based knitting businesses were going to feel about a mass yarn nonbuying movement on the blog scene. Knit bloggers have shown themselves to be quite a force in the past, so maybe people really are worried that a mass nonbuying effort would make a big impact. It will be interesting. . . and give me more to think about as I still contemplate joining.


Can people still buy Swag?? :)


If the stores really knew how fast people fail at yarn diets they wouldn't worry! Plus, there are so many exceptions on this one...well, they really shouldn't worry! LOL


I missed the kerfuffle, of course. (I am so out of it.) I'm still thinking about joining.

Truthfully I never did see what all the hoo-ha over STR was about... it's nice yarn, sure, but there are a zillion great sock yarns out there. I do covet that red, though.


I LOVE The Loopy Ewe - Check out the Celtic Swan Sterling Silver DP's - I got them for my own special Christmas Present. Sheri is a Gem!!!
I am not JOINING the Knit from your stash - there are just too many temptations out there - but will be attempting to knit from my previously started but not finished projects!!
Happy Holidays!

 Kate Lathrop

I feel famous :) I got mentioned on Ann's blog! My theme song these days seems to be 'it's a small world after all.' Sheri was so gracious and all that sock yarn . . . . . Yummy!

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe

Hi Ann! So fun to have you all pop by this week. I love sharing the Loopy Room in person. My family is supportive - and very involved - in this whole business, but they are only good for a few "Ohhhh - isn't THIS yarn wonderful" comments before they go buggy. Once in awhile, I just need real knitters to ooh and aah with. Knitting Daughter fills the bill most of the time, but even she is ready to stop listening and just knit after awhile.

Come back soon!


I must confess to knitting Fetching three times this holiday season. It's quick and oh-so-elegant a pattern that I couldn't resist.
I also would like to state that there is no way I am going on a yarn diet this year. In fact I will probably make up for the fact that all of you are knitting from your stashes. I plan to spend as much money as possible on yarn this year, and to spend every free minute I have (with a new baby coming I doubt I will have many) knitting with new yarn. So tell the LYS owners to relax. I will single-handedly support them all. And if any of you tell my husband about this I will hunt you down and spam you.


I figure ... if I decided to go on a food diet, would the local stores be justified in screeching about me putting them out of business? No, not at all, and if I bought extra food just to keep them going everyone would think I should be locked up.

The yarn stores will survive, and if any go under (very unlikely) then there wasn't a need for those particular ones anyhow. I certainly wouldn't have a problem with the commentor on Wendy's blog going under, but that would likely be from lack of customer service rather than lack of need.

Welcome to the "I'm-only-knitting-from-stash-unless-I-don't-feel-like-it" movement, even if you ~are~ wearing pants.


So silly the controversy,isn't it. People should just play nice :-).

Great sock yarn!

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