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December 16, 2006


Mary Beth

It's a great idea, knitting from your stash only and I don't even have the stash that so many of you have....my problem is that #1 I have a lot of novelty yarns I bought in my early days that I still really don't know what to do with and #2 I have a specific project in mind that I KNOW I don't have the yarn for. I guess I can use that as my Get Out of Jail card. I hope the Sisterhood box doesn't count either. Depending on my spot in the rotation, there are several things in there I could probably really use. :)

Lovin that teachers scarf btw! I wish I could feel it! LOL


Perfect fix for me Patton! LOL Good luck with Knitting for the Stash. You realize you only get ONE Get out of Jail card, don't you?


Wow, am I glad I was a slowpoke about visiting your blog in the last few days... that saved me from getting into some SERIOUS trouble (however, I've always WANTED to be part of a "sisterhood"... no... being strong... NOT whining).

I will, however, jump on the wagon and Knit From My Stash in 2007.

I have one leedle suggestion to add to the 'rules' - stash bought with Christmas money/gift certs shouldn't count, doncha think?


Ok, Patton actually looks *angry in his santa disguise. He didn't look so miffed when he was just sitting by the sink with a wreath nearby. That is hilarious. I am totally with you on the knit from stash idea--I did that one year with quilting and it saved me a bundle!


Hmm... there might be enough loopholes for me there. I especially like the fiber part.

Even though I've been a total slug about reading blogs lately which is why I missed it, can I be a Sister again please pretty please? (I think that's my Sierra Aran you have there.)


Oh that box is full of goodies!!
Good luck with knitting from stash. I think it's an excellent goal. I couldn't do it.


My stash is getting really out of control. I may just have to join that kal!

Pat K

Goodness, you got all that into the box? And I had decided to sit it out so that some other folks could get in this time! So I see you've got tons of goodies in there. You are too much! And this is your excess? And I love your "Santa" fix. This KAL could be a good idea for me, too, I've built a goodsized stash and really ought to start working on it.


I read about KFYS 2007 on Wendy's site earlier this weekend, & I'm also thinking about participating. I've bought too darn much yarn this year, & need to get to using some of it up before I go buy any more.


Well, I apparently *do* live under a rock, so this was the first news of the knit from your stash, and I have to say that I am very much considering it. It's hard to think about moderation at this time of year, though, so I'm going to have to think more.

And I love Patton with his new holiday look. Let's hope that he keeps it!


Can't wait to see the Sisterhood box! With all those exemptions, I think even I could be able to knit from my stash this year. Merry Christmas!


That's what I get for not checking Bloglines this week. Is it too late to get in on the stash box?

I agree with Bridgette. Patton looks MAD.


I think you can definitely meet those requirements - they're just loosey goosey enough to work! (And watch out for Bad Santa there. He looks like he might bite off a finger.)

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