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December 14, 2006



There's some really nice stuff in the box. What the heck is up with the bust of Gen. Patton? LOL


I love the Reynolds Odyessy - so pretty! That stash looks awfully enticing, but I think I would have to buy more yarn just to be able to stock the box!


Anne: Is the Sisterhood filled up? I just read about it today. Bloglines is not updating as it should so I'm behind. I love the scarf.


Great yarns! I love the snowman!


Oh, that scarf is really pretty with the Ambrosia and the Kid Silk Haze. I'm game for the second round of the Sisterhood if there's still room.


I'm pretty sure my mom gave me the pile of blue yarn...but she didn't tell me what it was, and honestly, I'm not sure she knows! :(


Be still, my heart ... someone put KOIGU into the box? KOIGU?!?!?

I say slap a teeny Santa hat on Gen. Patton and call it a day.

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