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April 20, 2007



It so happens I have a spare fun fur "Bad Hair Day" hat - you can have it! Just email me your address and I'll get it in the mail!


I will certainly keep your aunt in my prayers. I would love to say Yes to your hat request, but given my current work load and flagging energy level, I think I have to say "I'll try" to be perfectly honest. When (if?) I get one done, I'll let you know and get your address!


My good wishes and prayers are on their way. My aunt has endured two bouts with breast cancer. I will try to get a hat to you. Monte looks like such a good big boy and you had to train him in the dead of winter. Hard.


DD looks very happy! Monte looks so handsome! The hats are beautiful and will be so much fun for your aunt to wear. My prayers are with her during this time. Knit on!


Fourteen? Gosh that seems so old! I love the picture with the tongue sticking out. He's such a cute puppy!


I got time for a hat. Talk to me about what pattern & yarn I should use and I will dutifully, cheerfully, comply.

Happy birthday where appropriate.

Your dog is going to be big.


Happy Birthday to your daughter it looks like she had a great time!

Your puppy is too cute! Love that picture.

My thoughts and prayers go out to your aunt and I will definitely make a hat!


It looks like the repeated attempts were worth it- the blue hat looks like it's going to be fabulous!


Happy Birthday gorgeous! GO CARDS!!! Sending prayers and a hat your way (need address). PS: I share your need to be NOT SO CLOSE to the edge of things:~p Nice pics!


Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

Oh, my, those doggy tongues ... that is a fantastic picture.

And I'm in hat mode, so would be happy to make one for Aunt Judy. Any particular pattern or yarn (besides soft)?


I still have some fun fur. Should I make some more fun fur ones? And I can make Esprit ones too.

Your daughter totally looks like you. Go Cards! (unless, of course, they wind up in the World Series vs. the Red Sox. but until then we're cool.)


Yay for Monte! Trixie just graduated Beginner class 2 weeks ago.

I am such a sucker for lace, and that blue/green chemo cap is beautiful! And how fun is that stripey one? Judy will LOVE them

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