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August 27, 2007



I need a wife, too. ;-)
That sweater is a fabulous accomplishment!!


The sweater looks great! After you told me how the sweater wasn't that hard to work, I went ahead and ordered the yarn for it. The only thing that really freaks me out is the steeking.

Pat K

The thought of having a dressmaker's dummy (probably named Porky by the rest of the family) in my exact size standing in the bedroom where I have to see it every day is enough to make me want to throw away all the hot dogs in the house. And what, pray tell, is a stay-at-home-all-day day? I think the last time I had one of those was when I was flat on my back with the flu in 1992. And you think I'm joking....


1) How do repair guys do that?
2) Nice sweater.
3) Please send her to my house when she's done with yours.


I wish I had a dressmaker dummy, too. I'm seriously considering making one out of duct tape and old t-shirts. Again, the only problem would be seeing a 3-D representation of my belly. No thanks.

7-letter Deborah

It's "have cast off" as in "I will cast off; I had cast off; I will have cast off" :P

If you do a google search under "duct tape double" you can see how to make a dressmaker's dummy in your exact size for less than $20. I made one. It's an eye-opener, but really useful. Let me know if you're interested in making one & I'll try to help.

Gorgeous sweater! And I want a wife to come to my house too!


Its beautiful. I put mine back in the stash until I finish the brown sweater first. Then, I need to practice ribbing with 2 colors because mt last try I ended up with a tube. Opps!!

Mary Beth Cooper

It's been great catching up on your blog! I should come see you sometime at the new store! What are your hours there?

Vaca pics look awesome and this sweater! Gorgeous!!



Beautiful sweater. I vote for "have cast off."


Wow! It seems like Kauni has really grown since I last saw her. I'm with the let the sleeves go where they may camp, but matching would be quite an accomplishment if it didn't put you round the bend. And I hear you on the wife part -- I need someone to take care of me, too!


my wife doesn't clean much...oh right, she's roomate, not a domestic servant.. shoot...


I have said for years that I need a wife. In fact I got into a pissing match with dh last night over the housework because he is officially back into full study mode and unable to help out...

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