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September 17, 2007



I was actually thinking of doing some doily stuff to make a headcovering or two for my mom but wasn't sure yet where to look....


really pretty stuff you have cooking on your needles, will be exciting to see them all finished. good idea with the doily pattern on big needles.
best wishes

Pat K

Love the Kauni. I've got this itch to do colorwork and have stocked sock yarn to do some -- we'll see what happens with the DPNs. I know what you mean about September and schedules. I've gotten involved in choir practise now myself, since they moved it to a time when I'm not working. I was just showing up on Sunday and singing if they wanted me. And they nearly always wanted me. But I figured it might be nice to actually know what was going on....


What's Suri Merino? Do I even want to know?


Uh huh. I want to cast on a kazillion things, too.

In fact, I cast on for a Neatnik aran - here's to hoping that I complete it while it still can fit her. c|_| My first aran - starting small!


The Kauni looks great. I have 2 complete patterns done. Its a start. Gotta love color work. I have a Norweigen Drops sweater started too.


Um - Wow. I one knit a sweater from the Suri Merino that, while I love the design it it destined to take a dive into the frog pond eventually because it has so little memory. But for a shawl or blanket, it would be perfect!


#1 ... same here! I can't do the stocking stitch but garter stitch is OK. I guess that's why you won't find me doing mittens and gloves unless they can be knit with an 8 inch circular,

The mittens are gorgeous!


Would your dog be helped by allergy shots? You have to wait until allergy season is over, to get tested and start treatment. We did that for one of our dogs who was allergic to grass and lots and lots of other stuff, and it really did help. It's not cheap, but after you build up the dog's resistance, the frequency of shots decreases and the cost is well worth the result. Plus, I alway felt that Benadryl just made the dog tired, and the shots don't do that.

You've got some lovely WIP's there. I don't think you're being lazy on the sleeves -- you're leaving the colors to fate, to destiny, to kismet. And that's a pretty exciting and hopeful way to knit, especially when it comes out so well.


i want the Kauni - it is so beautiful. I just love how it is turning out!!


Kauni is absolutely stunning! I love the colorwork mittens too. The weather around here is getting crisper and my thoughts are also turning towards wool.


*cricket chirp* *cricket chirp*



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