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October 28, 2007



It is isn't Ravelry. It's a person or two. I do think Casey was very good with his post to your problem (yeah, I looked it up). I love Ravelry for the database and for organizing my knitting. I did something of the same sort (on paper) and now use only Ravelry. But, the social/bulletin boards don't float my boat much. I'd rather read blogs.


From the minute of Ravelry's inception, I knew this was going to be a problem. The database section = FANTASTIC! The social aspects = not so much. I've been on plenty of online message boards and every single one of them as ended badly. Every one. It's just the nature of the game.

That's why I'm sticking with my blog. And that's why I prefer blogs.


I love Ravelry but I must say, I really haven't used it as a social tool at all. I use it exclusively to queue and research projects...see how projects / yarn are knitting up, etc. I really have barely even looked at the forums. I'm a Ravelry loner. ;) I suspect I know what is going on in those threads from your descriptions. Having worked in two LYS, I think I'll stay away from those forums!! We were known for our customer service but there's always someone!!


Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! (snaps are done in a "Z")

I envy your clarity and ability to successfully communicate your feelings. I am not a part of Ravelry, by choice, my bog is a big enough time sink. There are lots of petty people out there who ruin good things. The rabble will soon direct their pettiness elsewhere. Sorry I didn't get to see you in Rhinebeck this year!


Amen. And I'm sick of that particular forum too. And she does have a blog. And she's only 20, so old enough to know better, but young enough that we could take her. :) I wasn't thrilled that Casey stuck his nose in, but I don't know who called him in, so I'm keeping mum about it. I doubt that he read every thread of the forum or he would have understood. I've been disgusted since the statement that asking where someone went to high school means that you're trying to guess the economic worth of the person you're talking to. Uh, no. Why do people always want to assume the worst of each other? Anyway, I'm sticking to my nice and peaceful Subtitle Knitters group where moderating is easy. Bless you for what you were trying to do.


I don't bother much with the discussion forums on Ravelry, I find them tedious and I don't remember to check them even when I'm interested in the topic. The rest of it is great, though, I think.


It seems like online forums are a place where this happens often. I think it's the dark underbelly of human nature that some people can't help themselves from being snarky and unpleasant. I still like ravelry for the patterns, and the more friendly forums. I try to avoid the real heated, hot topics, and spend most of my time with my knitblogs.


I agree, it's quite frustrating. I get the feeling that now that Casey *has* mentioned something, it might die down a bit. It's really quite sad that it's come to this.


Hum, I don't know what forum you're talking about but I can say that I simply don't have the time to do everything in my life plus keep up with the message boards there. I've also done them for years and just know how they work and try to basically stay away from all of that. It just seems too easy to create drama in online message boards. But I do totally love Ravelry for the other parts!


I also prefer blogs to the social part of Ravelry. I love directly communicating with a person and making comments (or receiving comments) on a topic that really interests me. I do like Ravelry as a tool for pattern searches, photos, etc. But even that seems a little bit skewed. When I read blogs, I see 100 knitters making 100 different socks. When I go to Ravelry, I see 95 knitters knitting the same sock. But, that could also be the way that I'm doing searches, too. :-) Have a great day everyone.


Here, here. I made a comment to the forum this afternoon, warning of the danger of libel. But I think I'm going to take your lead and just stop reading it. I just can't stand the idea that one person, who feels they were ignored or inadequately thanked for there purchase, can do so much damage.


Now I'm even happier that I don't hang around the forums. I've added a few groups, but there aren't enough hours in the day to worry about what people are saying over there. Better to worry about what your kids are saying...they are the ones that count.

Ravely, however, is a fabulous place to organize and save projects as well as see how other people have worked a project/yarn. I'm so glad it's there and so glad that we each have a choice to use/not use the forums.

Pat K

I, as well, think Ravelry is great for organizing my things, saving the links to patterns I like, and researching patterns and yarns. I've joined groups, but I haven't participated at all in the forums. There just isn't time for that and reading blogs, and I would rather read the blogs (meaning, their authors) I've come to know and love. Ravelry has given me a lot of ideas; I'd rather not have the snarky parts. I don't do that nastiness and I don't need to read it. It's too bad that a couple people have to cast such a shadow over it.


I think that part of the reason that internet forums become nasty (other than the reasons mentioned above) is that internet writing style is informal and similar to our speech patterns, but it doesn't have the benefit of visual and auditory cues (facial expression, tone of voice, etc) to help us determine the person's actual meaning. Sometimes people don't realise that when they are reading it and apply their current moods to the words they read. Sometimes (mostly, I think) people don't realise that when they are writing and are not as careful to choose their words wisely. I personally wouldn't blame Ravelry for that, but the person writing the offensive article (I did read that thread a few days ago. It seems that people have had issues with that person before.) All that said, I don't spend much time on the forums. It doesn't feel like a person to person connection to me, the way that blogs do.

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