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October 13, 2007



awwww, what a sweet, sweet, young love story! I love that they got together even through all the hang-up calls!


The Kauni is beautiful!


Kauni is gorgeous! We want to see a modeled shot!

That poor boy. He must have been so nervous! Sorry it's so soon, but how cute is that story.


Oh I love the DD story with the shy young man - my girls have been there. And mom enjoy the moment - because later they won't want you helping with the dress, hair, accessories etc! have your checkbook ready!! Enjoy


There you are again...so busy! I'm very envious you'll be at Rhinebeck and I will not. I'd love to see Kauni in person!


The swaeter is beautiful. I'm jealous! Sorry to hear about the math test. Can he retake now that he undstands the directions?


I haven't been checking blogs for awhile, so I was delighted to read this. The sweater is great, and the boy story is even better. Too bad that you'll miss it, but Rhinebeck is a great excuse and there will be pictures!


Kauni is beautiful! Hopefully I'll see it and you in Rhinebeck! I'm sure your daughter will be just fine. I can sympathize with the control issue. I'd feel the same way.

I agree with you that your son should have at least gotten half credit or been able to have a re-test!

Pat K

I feel bad for your son about the math test. One of my daughters knew how to read and spell when she started school but was told by the idiot teacher to write words the way they sounded to her. She kept spelling correctly (and I kept complaining) but the teacher insisted on her way. Finally the daughter turned in absolute gobbledygook one day in pure frustration and the teacher was estatic. Daughter gave up trying to spell correctly and it took years to recover from that one fool teacher. Hope your son keeps working at his own pace.


Gosh but it's sooooooo beautiful! Could you like walk around with weights dangling from your arms to stretch them out a bit? ;)

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