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October 29, 2007



OMG! I must, must, must have some of those flamingos. I had totally sworn off halloween this year, but they would make me break my vow. Where can I find them?

And yes, I'm a noun to verb hater--"Party" IMHO is not a verb.


This post is too full of great 'stuff'! I LOVE the bag, I love the bag too much...darn it all for one of a kind goodies. The flamingos ARE the best decoration. You have good radar! Your spinning looks fabulous...four weeks? You're a quick study, too!


Sounds like you had a very full weekend! Love those black bird lawn ornaments.


I'd suggest "Aurora" or "Northern Lights". The colors are so gorgeous and totally remind me of the northern lights that I grew up with in North Dakota. I always remember them around Halloween, so the name also seems appropriate for the time that you're spinning your Rhinebeck loot.


Your spinning is beautiful. I can't believe you've only been spinning for for weeks! Your wheel is beautiful too. I have an s10 and have never seen the s90 very nice. The only name that comes to mind is Dutchess and I have no idea why that just popped into my head.

Those flamingos are very cool!


You're a way quick study on the spinning! And the kids are too cute. And I don't think we're doing decorations this year, but if I did I'd definitely start with that spider wreath and move on to the flamingos.

Trick-or-treat already was a verb, as in let's go trick-or-treating, in the same way that you can swim or go swimming, hike or go hiking, etc.


Those flamingoes (sp?) are fantastic!


Love the skeleton flamingos! Thanks for the great post of civility on Rabelry!


Ahhhh, those flamingos are AMAZING. I'm so jealous.


Love the flamingos - love them! :)

Glad you are enjoying the bag. I need to get back into sewing a few more of them - that size worked out great - but not while I have a paper due on Thursday that I haven't started yet. It's a shame 'cause I have some fantastic fabrics for the bags right now. :P




Remind me to tell you what we mean when we say "verbing the noun"...


Hmmm, a name for your wheel. What about Guinivere? She seems a stately wheel.

Have a happy Halloween!


Oh, yes, and my etsy store is here: http://karachele.etsy.com

I have some other bags there, although none in the fabric Annie has. :)


Boy, did I ever read that wrong. I named your yarn! Since she is a Louet High Speed Flyer, I'd name her Amelia.

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