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November 30, 2007



Do you have any recommendations for crock pot recipes online/cookbooks? I've had one for awhile and never used it and am either going to sell it or actually start using it, I haven't decided yet. :P


Ah, you have been aspinnilated. I told you resistance was futile.

Cecily, pretty much any stew recipe can go in a crock pot. I used to do it with the Joy of Cooking's beef burgundy. As best I recall (too lazy to go get the book), you marinate 2-3 pounds of beef cubes overnight in red wine, then coat them lightly in flour with a little thyme added. Brown and cook with the wine and onions, carrots, potatoes, and whatever else floats your boat. And a can of cream of mushroom soup if you like. (IIRC there was something about salt pork in that recipe, but never having seen it, I always left it out. The edition I have always seems to have one outlandish ingredient per recipe -- "blend together one cup flour, one quarter-cup butter, one egg, and one salamander gonad.")


I had a stranger approach me in the grocery store the other day because she knew my blog. I think it's weird when local people know me but I don't have a problem with random people from all over the place.


I'd love to sit and have a drink with you...I love your dark side and your political side, too. Come back and post more often! You're missed!


Hey Ann, I read your blog.


We have a Moon Sand toy in a bag from Neatnik's birthday party. I still don't want to open it two months after she received it. I wonder if the child would agree to let me give it away and get her something in place of it.

Why don't people ask the parents what a suitable toy would be??


Hmm, sounds like busy times in the life of a mom.

I so would have let the kid drink the stock...Of course, my kids actually LIKE to drink chicken stock, so the amusement factor would have been down considerably. But, then again, I am one of those evil mothers, who tells the kids outright, you were placed on this earth so I would have someone to embarrass in public.

Pat K

I don't mind total strangers reading my blog (and I'm not referring to my regulars), but I'd go freaking crazy if people I actually run into start reading it. Does that make sense? In other words, nobody I work with or go to church with. If that happened, I might never blog again.


Pat--I think most of the people I go to church with read my blog these days. At least the people I know and like. And the pastor. And so on. It is disconcerting. But then you alter your tone a bit and it's ok.


I use the "d-con Ultra Set Covered Mousetrap". You don't see the dead mouse and don't have to touch it. Even an unsharpened crayon doggie can't be hurt by it. (At least I don't think they can.) They can be reused.
That pulled pork sounds really good. Have you tried the whole chicken with a bottle of barbecue sauce? The meat falls off the bone. Delicious!


I'm going to say Amen to the Moon Sand. That stuff is too messy. They should sell it in some sort of container that the kids can play on and then store the stuff in.


The pulled pork recipe sounds delicious! I haven't made it that way, but will soon! Thanks!



hm, just wondering where you´re at, seems like a long time since you´ve blogged. hope you´re ok.
best wishes from Iceland


I just tagged you for a Christmas meme--not like you don't have anything else to do :)

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