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December 14, 2007


Mary Beth

OMigosh what a great list! I will have to pick this one up! I had NO idea about the Rollo Pretzels. Holy crap! So the mini ones? One rollo per pretzel. Oh my.

Pat K

So you're taking a break. Well, then, missy, have a very happy and blessed Christmas and a safe New Year!


Merry Christmas! And the rollos sound awesome! :-)

annieone to annieone

hi there, just stumbled again over your blog and thought about sending some season's greetings over the ocean. have a happy holiday and a very happy new year so you will be refreshed for starting blogging again (me too i am doing not much these days in my blog..).

bests from hamburg/germany


Happy New Year


I've been on break too! Belated merry Christmas and happy Yule to you, and may the new year be full of growth spiritual and knitterly, and not so much on the waistline. (No Christmas cookies left. Must restrain urge to bake more.)

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