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January 22, 2008



Gorgeous, gorgeous shop sweater!


Re: the kicking kids into the cold ... absofrickin' lootly. All the time. Your spinning is lovely. And your house will be, too. What, exactly, are you having done?

(p.s. Lucia lives in Massachusetts)


You may not post often, but you make worth our while:) Gad, I hate renovation/remodeling. Love the results, though. I think I like both Kauni sweaters equally. I'm working up the nerve to start a H. Falkenberg sweater right now. As for the kids? Normal. Annoying, but normal.


Yeah, Fr. John asked me the pope questions on Sunday. I knew all but one. Sigh.

Pat K

Well, I guess you would have lots of time for knitting and spinning since you're not cleaning the rooms that used to be those rooms! (The guys are doing that, right? Right??) Better yet, knitting and spinning will help keep you sane while the remodel takes place. Good luck!


Wow your really coming along in the spinning - it looks fantastic. I totally want to make that Icarus - I love the Kanui cardigans but making a sweater out of sock yarn is too scary - but the shawl... that I could totally get into!!


Gee. I would have thought it proved their camera lens needed cleaning. (At least mine does. Most pix come out fine anyway, and then there'll be one, always of something I could get only once, that catches the light just wrong.)

I do live in Massachusetts (Ruth beat me to telling you that), about 2 miles from Ruth, who would also be pretty good. She could do the show tunes, I could do the classical -- not for nothing have I lived with a classical musician for 26 years -- and the obscure words.

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