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January 05, 2008



I have a hat for a kid. I'd like to make more stuff though, not sure what yet. I started some crocheting and am tempted to crochet some plain squares....I'd like to join your knit for charity. I like the idea of it benefiting my town.


I'll do it again. The knitting for charity last lent helped my knitting in general--I am much much faster now. One of those unforeseen positive consequences. I can help out with St VdP, or else I will donate to Centenary Methodist Church outreach downtown.


I'll join you in knitting for the men at St. Vincent's. Sounds like a great cause.


I'm in for 40 days for others. I think I'm going to concentrate on knitting hats for various charities.


I'll make hats with you during Lent.


I'm definitely in. Don't know what charity yet, but, alas, the need never gets any smaller.


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