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February 05, 2008



Wow you have been spinning up a storm! All your finished handspun knits are just gorgeous!


I'm impressed that you spun AND knit, too! I bought one of those tubular things at Rhinebeck but I haven't spun it yet.


Now the group is talking about a YEAR of spinning. Why not, eh? I have Tubular kit and I'm not sure what it wants to be...any ideas?


I was wondering if you were going to do the 40 days for others again...sign me up!


You've been so productive! You go grrl! When does 40 Days/WWJK? start? Ooh, it starts tomorrow. I will be knitting for Peruvian kids and... don't know who else yet, but need is the one thing we never run short of. (More's the pity.)


P.S. Duh. Totally missed your last sentence the first time. That's what I get for skimming.

Pat K

I was wondering if you'd disappeared, but now I see what you've been doing! Nice work.


My goodness gracious me, girl, you have been so prolific in spinning and knitting. I love both scarves. Lovely. I so need to get back to my spinning. I lost the mojo before Christmas and haven't gotten it back, yet. I also love those Tubular kits.


That is way cool. You have been a busy lady!!!


Please pray for Kirkwood. We've had such a bad few years. Please pray for my friend Cathy as she tries to hold it together. Please pray for my church as we deal with the loss of our feeling of safety and two beloved members of our church.


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