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March 25, 2008



I'm glad you had a good Easter...mine was pretty
nice, too. No baptisms at my church this year, though...

Pat K

We have one of those big pools with steps for immersion baptism. I think we held intermission to about 15 minutes. But then, we started at seven o'clock. I go because I sing also, and I was the only soprano there who knew all the songs and descants and whatevers. I was worn out. But I think the baptisms are the most fun of the whole evening. And Joe sang the Exultet. Your new rooms look fab!


Well, lot to say here....I agree about the long pause during mass. It lost the momentum for me. Folks got chatty. Something to tweak for next yera, I suppose. And flood plains? They are plains that flood. People should know better. Americans have no memory.


Since "baptize" comes from a Greek word meaning "dunk," and the original baptizees went for a swim in the Jordan, yes, it is biblical, but it's also symbolic, so you could in theory have the few drops on the forehead symbolize the same thing. I think baptism was a descendant of Israelite purification rituals (mikvah), but I could be wrong about that.

Do not get me started on how McCain gets to solicit endorsement from that hatemonger wackadoo Hagee, but Clinton is too shrill and Obama is too black. Oh, I guess you did, but I will try to stop now.


LB & I actually own a step-in baptismal thingy. It's out in the woods collecting leaves, but we own it. It's cool b/c one side of it is glass like an aquarium! If you ever need to borrow it, let me know


Well, you know I agree with you on the Obama thing, in part because I support his candidacy and in part, because you're just right. I didn't go to your parish for Easter and we don't have a baptismal pool at ours, so I haven't experienced the intermission during service thing.

So that brings us to your beautiful cables! I am just finishing a version of the Irish Hiking Scarf (my modifications were to add a few rows of ribbing on the bottom, 'cause I like it when things are edged, I removed one of the cables, and used a slightly larger needle that that black chunky alpaca I bought last week calls for, to make the fabric a little less dense) (I like my scarves long and narrow to loop around my neck a couple of times).

I look at your baby cardigan and it's so attractive (I like the color - I don't think babies/kids have to wear "baby colors" all the time). I'm light-years away from that kind of knitting ability, though. Maybe someday, and in the meantime I can just admire others' work! :-)


Love the color scheme. Have to say I was thinking I would never pick those colors but I know to trust you completely when it comes to painting walls.

Glad to hear Easter was good. We're back from the water park. Had a great time but can't wait to sleep in our own beds!!!!!!


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