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March 13, 2008



I can dig it, numbers 3 through 7. It's been a tough few months.


I'm so out of it...I haven't even heard of Mystical Yarn Creation. I've missed you, however. Me too, on being sick, sick, sick...like two months worth. This has been a kick ass winter. I see your city on the weather channel almost every day! You are not a bad person. Knitting should be enjoyable and a respite from the day to day...not an obligation. Give money, give time in other ways (you already do, I know) and give my friend (yourself) a break.


Welcome back! On the knitting-for-others front I actually finished a sweater, of all things, and I continue to produce potato chips, er, I mean squares, for Warming Grace.

Re your #6, you are not a bad person. We all do what we can, and every little bit helps. Also, there's no law forbidding you to knit for others for the other 46 weeks of the year, is there?

Hope you feel better.


I´m really glad to read that you´re feeling better. I´m also glad to read that I´m not the only person suffering for the first time from SAD, getting better now though. And, I´m glad that I´m not the only person who doesn´t understand all this talk about recession, when my husband´s small business has never done better and my own home-economy is flourishing more than ever before. But then, I´m also finding that the older I get, the more things in this world do not make sense at all.
best wishes


Glad that you are feeling better, though!

Welcome back.

And you are not a bad person.


I'm glad you posted - even if you are too busy to post. I hope things settle down for you very soon.

Pat K

Sometimes we just get slammed with too much stuff. And it's always all at once. It's good to hear from you again and hope you can get some time for yourself to unwind and destress.


Yay, you're back! :) What kind of camera are you wanting to get? I've been in the market for a new one, eventually...


Welcome back (to the music from Welcome Back Kotter). As for the winter? OMG, you are so right. Me, too. I'm sorry about the flu. There have been some real virulent strains out there. Oh, and the apology? Forgedaboudit.


Welcome back! It was great to meet you at the shop last weekend.


Glad you're back - you were missed! Can't wait to see pics of construction progress at least!!
Here's to a warm and healthy spring!


wow! and I thought I life was crazy!! my thoughts are with you! Good Luck!


"... I'm totally unmotivated to do ANYTHING. I've never thought of myself as someone who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder, but whew! Since the time changed on Sunday, I've reorganized my stash, cleaned our room and closets, and daughter's room (no small feat -- an season's worth of books, magazines, whatever... and a fine layer of construction dust.)"

I think it's funny and sweet and typical of you to say you're completely unmotivated and then follow up with all the stuff you've done since the time change... Really, you're one of those people that has more done by 9 am than most people get done all day!! So if every once in a while you're at half your normal rate of productivity, rest assured, you've probably earned it.

Take it easy, rest up, get healthy! Everything - the dust, the roving, everything - will still be there when you're back up and running at full speed again. And then as usual, you'll tear through it all with one hand on your hip and put the rest of us to shame with everything you do! :-)


[not necessarily for publication] Also, when do you work? I've been bitten by the knitting bug, and Brian and I talked about it - since most of what I'm spending these days is solely on yarn, it's in our budget to get nice stuff if I'd like, so woohoo!! But I've gone like 3 times and not seen you...

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