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May 05, 2008



I like it as it is!


Your yarn is so beautiful!!
And I just recently bought a subscription to IK, so am now eagerly awaiting my copy. I like what I´ve seen so far. Maybe many people just have a problem with change regardless, so are determined that a new editor will not be as good?
my best from Iceland


I love the way the yarn turned out. Great job. The plants look great too!


I haven't even cracked that magazine open yet, but for the last three days the magazine has been opened up to a different sweater each day and laid out in a conspicuous place where I am sure to find it. While I have no opinion of this issue yet, clearly someone I live with likes this issue.


Great post....... it had it all. Fluffy bod talk, mag review, gardening, spinning and yarn chat. If you had only mentioned something like a Goo Goo Cluster it would have been perfect! :)

As far as the sniping about the mag---- people are just goofy. I think as a gender we love to bit*h. Well, not ME of course........


I still think IK is the best knitting magazines out there. I always manage to find 2 or 3 things I'd like to knit and overall I just thinks a well done magazine to be honest I hardly noticed the change when Eunny took over.

Beautiful handspun!


I like some of these, but the second picture, top on the right? That band will totally maximize and draw attention to the wearer's hippage. It even makes the model look a bit bottom-heavy, and I know she weighs what I did in ninth grade. Not exactly flattering to the mature figure.

The Delft top in the pictured colors or the suggested ones would be too busy for me, but in blues and purples with just enough contrast to distinguish the colors, I'd go for it. The one on the next page, drawing attention to the middle and away from the sides is good, but I don't much care for the motif. I thought at first it was too eye-popping for my taste, but thinking about it in my favorite muted colors, I still wouldn't like it.

The tie top, meh. The red and beige, very nice. The lace tops, also very nice. $216 for a top? I don't think so, but that's why we substitute. I really like the lace patterns, but might do something different with them.

JFTR -- haven't gotten my issue yet (I don't think), nor have I seen the Ravelry thread. I may go cross-post this there, however, now that you've pointed it out.

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