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July 12, 2008



You know, there's lots of national anthems and none of them go, "We're number two!"

What a bunch of idiots on ravelry.

Two thumbs up! Lenora


AHA! That is where all his pots went. We had prior plans last night and couldn't go to the show until today. Yazzie Jay apologized and said everyone gobbled up his pots the night before. He had one little pot and the awesome big pot left, that was it. We did buy two prints,the one was the wolves with the contary poodle in the center and the protector birds from the guy when you first walk in. It was a great art show with alot of affordable pieces.


Hear, hear!


This reminds me of a story. Once upon a sometime last year, my mother was sitting at the local Department of Revenue. A young Caucasian man was complaining loudly about all the damned immigrants, the foreigners and the other minorities occupying the same space as him. He went on and on, taking the silence of the others as confirmation that his tirade was welcome if not actually righteous. Finally my mother turns and says to him "Your ancestors were once immigrants". "HELL NO," he says, "We're white. We're Americans. We have always been in America!" My mother raises and eyebrow. "Oh, always been in America? So you are native American," she asks hoping to detour the conversation. This young man does not seem to get the hint. "Damn right, I am an American." My mother raises and eyebrow and says "Huh. Funny, you don't look like an Indian." He stammered, loudly, and then shut up knowing he had just been pwnd.


The ostrich thing is working for me in regards to the "news" and to Ravelry. That pot is stunning.

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