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September 01, 2008



You got RIBBONS!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!! OK, I know you're miffed at the judging, but consider where you were. Three hours north and west is ... NOWHERE. And for all you know they were submitted by someone who has been entering for twenty years and has never won and rumor at the gas station/local cafe is that she's got the big C so someone figured they'd better let her win this year. Like the Academy Awards. (It's a skill, I know, these imaginative rationalizations that make the world seem almost fair.)

Pat K

Congratulations! For a first time out that is a great accomplishment!


Very cool! I am so jealous. I didn't get to go, boo! Next year for sure. Building a wall size bookshelf instead.


I am so excited you ribboned! You rule. I am also glad you guys had such a good time. I usually go with my mom and we have a blast.


Congrats on the ribbons!! Don't belittle the amount of entrants. Need I remind you of Jojo and I getting second place in our tap dancing competition and we were the only people in the competition????? Losers? Yes, I'd say so!!!


Moving from Miami to Connecticut I imagine I was gonna be able to go to Craft fairs at all. But no luck. Seems that they don't have any by these parts. Love the pictures and I'm in awe regarding "Jim something" and his yarn cutting record LOL


Ribbons, I love ribbons! And I don't care if I'm third of three. And the whole day looks great. Wish I'd been there. And the judge was right, that Irish hiking scarf would be much better in a solid color... I'll take it off your hands if you're embarrassed to be seen with it. Really, no trouble at all. Please?

Assuming an eight-hour day, that's about one sheep every minute and a half. Must have been more than eight hours. Rough living is right.

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