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May 13, 2009



wow, that sweater is seriously beautiful! and also the yarn in the basket, swoooon! great to have you back.
best wishes from Iceland


Aw come on: title, PLEASE. I might need to read it! (assuming it's an actual pages-and-binding book and not one of your usual downloads. . . .)

Feet, NUTHIN. Lilies equals deelishus. I have a vaseful from my baby Daddy sitting in the kitchen window, knocking my socks off every time I enter the room. They intoxicate me. (but remove those durn anthers before they shed pollen all over your lovely white petals!)

Also, don't forget our Friday night food fight: Hummus wraps for the church bbq are supremely worthwhile and the very antithesis of selfish. Thou art absolved!


Bag is adorable! And the yellow sweater is absolutely stunning. I love it!

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