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October 09, 2009



Well, I think it looks awesome, I love the color, and I think you'll get tons of wear out of it! I love my wool sweaters (and I basically have the same weather as you).

7-letter Deborah

I read looking for anything I might have said, and whew! I don't *think* I said anything bad, I hope. It's luverly and a great color for you. I went & looked at the cowl, so now I know how the top is supposed to look. Does the cowl draw in any?


hi Annie! your sweater is perfectly beautiful; the colour, the patterning, the material, everything just goes together to make one of those perfect knit garments. those ladies are missing out if they havenĀ“t found out what a great material wool is, both to work with and to wear.
best wishes from Iceland


Annie, it's flat-out gorgeous and it's even been known to get below zero around here from time to time - enjoy!

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