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July 15, 2010



Yeah, I've gotten the "Why are YOU sorry?" response enough times that I have to bite my tongue to hold back "Okay then: I'm HAPPY. Woohoo! Things really suck for you!" I swear though, one of these days, it's gonna come out.


Ann, I love that you wrote that having no sweater project gives you sweaty armpits: it's just past earthy but not graphic enough to be truly gross.

I, too, am a project fiend.

It's fun.

Hope your plumbing is well...and I bought stuff to make play dough yesterday. Making play dough at home is a poor substitution for the Konzen house, but what can you do? Aeslinn sobbed for about 15 minutes after she heard we couldn't come play with you, but you should have heard her tell Dad (we went to his house to play in the water on Wednesday) all about how your toilet overflowed just like ours did...and on and on, in mostly-imagined detail, for about five minutes. It was way cuter than I thought anyone could be while talking about toilet water in places other than the toilet.



I dunno, it sounds to me like you need something a bit stronger than coffee!


or maybe less coffee?

I always grit my teeth and explain the difference between and empathetic "I'm sorry" and a contrite one. Being a pedant always makes me feel better.

Ruth Brooks

You have a right to vent -- anyway you like. I started my day with major computer problems, downloading stuff I was araid of, and then having to leave to teach at the Institute.

Just driving the very hot car there and returning to it after class about wiped me out. Perhaps the heat is pulling us down, eh? Gotta blame something!

Ruth Brooks

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