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February 16, 2011



Loud clapping! Whooping and hollering! You are awesome! Can I pay you to write and talk for me?


My God. It all comes down to that: it's private property. Sorry, dudes, you really aren't at the bargaining table.

As someone whose (urban, serving less academically gifted and less financially gifted) high school closed because the buildings were too much to take care of and the diocese had better things (a new cathedral) to spend money on, I think we should be very careful here. The sisters at SEA are looking to the future and want to leave things in good shape when they are no more (because they will soon be no more). As someone whose parish is saddled with an albatross of an old building, my goodness, sometimes things aren't worth keeping even if they have a pretty facade and grace your street nicely.


You are awesome!


You make me happy!
I love preservationists who can spend other people's money!


I posted on my blog. And on patterson's. But now I think I'm done. I have a house to clean and dinner to make!!!


Your key point is, of course, that it's private property. And I guess I'm confused as to why these people are so worked up about it? What's their stake in all of this?

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