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June 09, 2011



"There is a reason Mother Nature makes it hard for nearly-49-year-olds to acquire 2-year-olds on a full-time basis."

Tell me about it. ;)


The college sounds like a wonderful choice for your daughter. I can't believe it's already been a year since I took Hannah to her freshmen orientation! Lots of beautiful knitting you've got going on and I do wish you all the best with that upcoming surgery.


I am in love with that sweater you're making. Beautiful!

And I don't know about the 49 thing, Annie. I'm 35 and exhausted. And our dog only eats at night because I'm freakin sick of the dog food in water thing. Sheesh.

That college looks great. But college? Wasn't she just at that Catholic school on the hill? Where does the time go.

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