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July 18, 2011



If I lived close enough I'd come by and bring you pie. Sounds like you've got a great sense of humor about the whole thing and I'm glad you are doing so well.


That is tricksy.

I made a cape for Maeve for Christmas, I could give you the pattern.

I like to sit in your living room and drink coffee. The rest of my week is second verse same as the first.


Not a bad view - heal quickly!


gosh, I´ll hurry up and send my best healing vibes your way.
best wishes from Iceland


I've got time for errands Tue & Wed - you know, grocery store, et al. I'd be happy to pick up anything you need & deliver it to you. Just don't show me any of the gory stuff! Seriously, anything you need?


You sound wonderful and your view is lovely. You'll be up and at 'em soon enough girl. Enjoy the time for spinning and relaxing and healing.

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