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August 30, 2011



Umm ... you might want to add a non-electric can opener for the canned goods somewhere in that list


Mike is a deer hunter. That's our red meat for the year. We have to have the deep freeze. But I stock the deep freeze with 2 liter bottles of ice. It'll give me a little while longer. And if I wind up having to cook all that meat over the grill and fire pit in the back yard, I can at least put it back away cooked and use it in chili assuming we ever get power back. But yes, I've switched to canned veggies in the larger amounts, not frozen (I have frozen veggies but not as much as I used to on hand).

Along with the battery recharger thingy, I forgot to mention our AC/DC converter. We keep it undre the front seat of the car--that way even if you don't have a car charger for the laptop or the cell phone, you can charge it while you drive to work or the inlaws or wherever you're headed.


Good points - and a couple I hadn't ever thought of. I'd only add a few gallons of distilled water, one of those tub liner gizmos to run enough water ahead for flushing toilets, and a couple of well-charged fire extinguishers. Of course, that's assuming that our water lines went kaput in addition to the electricity. Now I'm off to see if I can find an old rotary phone or two.


Great list - practical and fun, too! You've got it covered.

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