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September 15, 2011



the weird thing (and I believe that very few americans really know this) is that the american public health system costs the government wayyyy more pr.capita than the ones we have here in Scandinavia. and still, here everyone gets all the care and help they need, free of charge, but in your country letting someone die because they didn´t buy their own insurance is considered a real option.
best wishes from Iceland
ps. your yarn looks gorgeous, so if you decide you don´t like it, I have space in my closets, or somewhere.


Uh, Ann? I sort of completely love your birds. That is awesome in a completely non-ironic sort of way.


Bummer about the Fib sweater. And yes on your first point. What a great idea! Too bad there isn't a way to actually administer something like that.


can you ship some of those cookies to peter's house in time for mom's b-day? they look amazing.


Peter Dinklage is quite quite awesome in GoT. In fact, his character is one of the only appealing things about the show for me. Mike loves it. My sister loves it. You love it. I watch with my hands over my face.

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