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October 13, 2011



I hate the car buying process. Mostly I hate the car payment, though. Ugh.


Absolutely yummy yarn :) SO glad you both were able to come down on Saturday! Love the snowglobe image, and your leaves are lovely - may have to plant one of those hydrangeas here just for the leaves.


laughing. I am a forest person I think. That is, I want to see the whole thing laid out in front of me (knitting or life) and then I want to analyze the bloody hell out of each step. I want to know when something happens WHY it happens. And I don't consider myself a control freak so don't whisper otherwise. CARS? If I never had to buy another car again for my entire life I would happily sign on. I despise salesmen and dealers and to find one "with a shred of integrity" is a tall freakin' order if you ask me. Now, should you find one that escapes homicide please tell the details. Finally, lovely yarn yes ma'am.

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