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February 04, 2014


Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout

Fun! I love reading stuff like this and learning a little more about my blog friends. #10 is my favorite... we really are so many different things, aren't we? I never would have guessed you were a cusser! =)


The thing that's great about this prompt is the different approaches everyone is taking. I love yours and I am glad you wrote it!



I am many of those things as well (ENFJ, though, and a Libra born in the year of the Tiger).

Katiedo reinhold

Last night I started thinking I probably could scrape 10 things together & before I knew it I was up to 20 so I started putting them in order of importance. Right now I had to put 4 time cancer survivor at the top of my list (unless you don't count the current one yet).
Maybe going through this last round of the "new cancer" has changed my perspective on how much I treasure the little things I am & qualities I have that I never realized I had - determination, inner strength, a spiritual side of me that I didn't know existed & the deep love my family has shown for me. A lot of things I just took for granted!

I couldn't sleep so it was like that old Perry Como song count your blessings when you can't sleep. It's sad in a way that I have to have something drastic make me realize what a wonderful life I have and to appreciate everyone, everything & everyday.

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